How To Create A Positive Learning Environment For Your Child

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Create a Positive Learning Environment That Enables Your Child To Thrive

All children want to learn - they have a wonderful, insatiable curiosity that remains with them throughout their life so long as it is nurtured by parents presenting them with new ideas and experiences and listening and talking to them from birth. In other words they have a positive learning environment in which they can thrive. .

When you see a child who doesn't want to learn it is usually because they have some thought, belief or emotion that is blocking them. If the block is removed then the child will want to participate and learn.

Did you know that your child learns the alphabet in its first year through listening to its parents and family speaking? This is why it is so important to speak with them all the time. Mothers are traditionally great at speaking with their child - listen to mother speak and you will hear varying inflections, a higher pitch as she praises her child - these things help the child to listen, to speak clearly, to learn and to spell.

If you listen to their babble when they are under two years of age you will hear that they have sentence structure already learnt!!

If a child has a spelling problem in later years then they may have had a cold in their first year and didn't hear the words clearly to be able to spell them later. I know this sounds counter intuitive but a child actually learns to spell in its first year by listening to the sounds of others speaking especially its parents voices.

Covering a pram - not a great idea!

The brain is stimulated by movement and sound so looking at trees with the leaves moving in the breeze, looking near and far and everything in between, seeing new people while feeling safe with mum or dad, meeting animals on the walk and again feeling safe with mum and dad right there beside them. is incredibly stimulating for the brain and is a very easy positive learning environment for your child .

I often see parents with their prams covered over - this has become a trend to stop them getting too much sun- but we are forgetting that the sunshine is needed to create Vitamin D and the child needs to learn about the world safely.

Covering a pram with a blanket limits the child's environment to about 1 foot and all it sees is the inside of the blanket covering the pram. What a waste of an opportunity to stimulate the child's brain, help learn about its environment in a safe way and to help them to sleep deeply when they are put to bed at night ( which every parent wants them to do!!)

A child will fall asleep when it needs to and so if they are tired they will fall asleep in the pram or stroller. The blanket just gives them stale air and they will fall asleep because of that rather than tiredness. It is much healthier for your child to fall asleep naturally in fresh air.

Is my child ready for school?

It is generally fairly easy to know when your child is ready for school because they are looking for more outside the home, wanting to know and to do more. Their constant question ' why?" that drives parents crazy is actually indicating that their brain is ready for more knowledge and interaction with new people and environments.

The brain functions best when it is problem solving so the primary way to stimulate a child is to ask a question and give them choices so that they learn consequences e.g. would you like juice or water?

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