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Listening to Your Inner Self - for Insight and Inner Healing.

This is a great exercise to give you some more insight into yourself and foster inner healing. Ideally you would have a support person who asks you these questions and then writes down your answers. You can however do them on your own and record your own answers.

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An Exercise to Heal Within - Connecting with Inner Healing.

Please do not hurry this exercise – allow yourself or your client time to process each section.

1) Support asks the questions one at a time and writes down the answers using the client’s notebook

 2) The client answers these questions beginning with ‘I’ not ‘it’

Support says: Relax now. Take a few deep breaths and relax If you are comfortable to do so, close your eyes.

1) Pretend you are a symbol.

2) Allow this image of this symbol to come into your mind’s eye. Be interested in all aspects of it, how it looks, feels, what its energy might be like.

3) Now let yourself become the symbol

- Feel your body changing; change your posture if it helps.

- Feel the energy of this symbol in your body.

- Take some full breaths and feel what it is like to be that symbol.

Support now asks the client these questions while the client answers these questions beginning with ‘I’ not ‘it’

a) Can you tell me what you are?

b) Describe what you look like

c) Feel inside and tell me what you are made of or what is inside you

d) What are your main qualities and feelings?

e) Tell me about your age. Are you old /young?

f) Do you have a particular sound or movement – can you demonstrate it with your eyes closed?

g) Do you have a special purpose - what are you here for?

h) Is there anything you want to know now or in the future?

i) Do you have a message for (person’s name) or anything else you would like to say to them? Any advice perhaps?

After a pause say:

Now slowly come back to yourself and then gently open your eyes.

Ask the client who is now fully awake -

Did you hear that message? How does that feel?

this and other exercises can be found here

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