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Carol West

"Many years ago, you saved my life when I was despairing after having suffered Ross River Fever and having 'no place to turn to' to get answers to be free of it. You not only helped me get rid of the Ross River Fever and all its symptoms you also gave me so much inspiration in all aspects of my being. Lately you have enabled me to rejuvenate, revitalize... all over again. So I am grateful all over again!"


 Amazing new release by Margaret Cutler, a subconscious mind specialist and bestselling author based in Australia. Her writing portrays so many great techniques and exercises to help change for the better, break through fears, patterns and limiting beliefs. 
Margaret's new solid workbook enables you to identify what is happening in the subconscious mind, release negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. A “youth pill” and a healing journey for those wanting to unleash the power within and pave the way for a younger and more vibrant life. Highly recommended, especially if you're wanting a healthier and happier lifestyle."

Sesa Eskenderian

Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook

Touching the Surface

I am delighted Margaret Cutler has added “Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook” to her amazing repertoire of publications. Many years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Margaret’s “Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook” book which enabled me to achieve a comfortable level of wellness in Body, Mind and Spirit,  while providing me with a guide to wellness on all levels. 

Margaret’s “Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook"  is a very rewarding self healing program, with expert guidance through every step to enable us to understand  how our subconscious mind is affecting our physical health while providing valuable techniques and exercises to help us to clear out the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. I am certainly continuing to grow and learn from her insight while following her techniques enables me to be healthy.  "

Carol West

Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook

Silhouette in Subway Tunnel

This is to certify that in early April 1990 I developed a blood clot in my left calf muscle. After working with Margaret for several hours over the next two days, the clot was visibly reduced and had disappeared completely by day 3.

I attribute its disappearance solely to my work with Margaret. My previous experience with a blood - clot was in the left thigh in August 1987 and this took 6-month course of blood thinning treatment and drugs to dissolve. I highly recommend Margaret’s meth.

Peter Meyer

Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Sunset Portrait

When I stand still for long periods, I get a ‘sciatic’ type pain down my right leg. It’s like warm water running down the back of the leg, along with severe cramps and pain in both calves. I haven’t had any symptoms since working with you to release thoughts and emotions at your workshop. And I have to say, being pain free is fantastic! "

Ben Longdon - ITC Productions

Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Wet Autumn Leaves

You have no idea how much you have helped me (come to terms with the grief of the loss of my 2 sons through your healing power and incredible intuitive ability – I have learnt to laugh again. "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Pregnant Belly

Thanks for making Cathie's birth so much easier – I had had a dreadful birth with my first baby and was not looking forward to this delivery. Through letting go of all my fears and worries and you tuning into the baby so that she could release hers too, we had a comfortable and relaxed birth."


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Image by Peter Boccia

I am confident that with your help with my mind stuff and the medical treatment I am receiving I will beat this little cancer. Meeting you has been the turning point of my life."


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Happy Woman Waking Up

Margaret – thank you for changing my world this week.  You are amazing! "

Paula Drayton

Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Healthy Salad

My patient tells me of the great suc-cess she has had with your suggested dietary modifications – she is now well on the way to good health."

Dr. Virginia Wrice; Gundagai

Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Eyes close up

Thank you so much for all your training  you provided in your workshops. It really opened my eyes to possibilities. "

Merile Trisoll

Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

River Boat Paddle

Take this book, study it, and follow the provided practices that will help the subconscious mind identify and release the emotions that lead to the creation of the Crohn's disease. It will also help you to rethink and look at the true meaning of life, and what to do to heal oneself and survive. "

Sesa Eskenderian

Crohn’s Disease - The Hidden Subconscious Link: Beyond the Gut

Image by Simone Eufemi

It has been an absolute pleasure knowing you and your work. Thank you for all your marvelous help.   "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Clean Modern Desk

This is a classic from Margaret Cutler, a subconscious mind specialist and bestselling author based in Australia. The book has ample techniques for those who struggle with clearing out unwanted items from the  mind  and therefore home that are no longer required. The lessons and practical methods of looking into the subconscious mind and letting go make the book even more attractive. I would suggest anyone and everyone read this book as you can see the art of looking at every item that you love, and determine whether you want it, need it and must keep it (or not) in order to keep a particular memory alive. It is phenome-nal and highly recommended! "

Sesa Eskenderian

Mind Over Clutter: Harness Your Subconscious to Transform Your Home

Rock Balancing

We are meant to have a healthy mind and a healthy body" Margaret Stuart writes early on in Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook, and the exercises and instructions that make up a good deal of the rest of the book proceed from that simple statement. Indeed, Stuart's effective (and infectiously enthusiastic) program takes the reader on a trip to freedom--freedom from pain, from financial worry, from illness--that is not fought for but rather allowed. Basing her work on the psychology of self-awareness and supplemented by the use of Emotional Freedom Techniques, which employ acupressure or meridian (energy channel) points on the body, Stuart shows the reader, through example, instruction, and case studies, that it is possible to achieve peace of mind, success in one's endeavours, and a happier experience of life without struggle and without tricks. And it works! If you are ready to let go of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that have somehow quietly come to rule your life, this book is for you. I've not encountered another like it. "

Peter Meyer

Master your Subconscious Mind, Master your Health Workbook

Image by Nimrod Persson

When you rang us to say that you felt we had to take our son to hospital NOW even though he was sleeping peacefully and we had a two-hour drive to get there, we were very skeptical. However, knowing your work and that you would not have rung us in the middle of the night unless you were genuinely worried, we took him out of his warm cot, put him in the car and drove. As we pulled into the car park of the hospital he had a massive convulsion.  We would not have been able to save him had we not been there at the emergency department when this occurred. Thank you so much for all your help in saving our son's life. Words cannot express the appreciation we feel. "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Working with Financial Documents

A fantastic read that can strengthen and improve a person's report writing skills. The book offers a step-by-step guide on how to write a quality report. A good purchase, and highly recommended for those in the corporate world or anyone who writes or is wanting to become a better writer. "

Sesa Eskenderian

Mastering Reports: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Take You from Novice to Expert

Image by Joel Ambass

An excellent read if wanting to develop skills in landing your ideal job and earning the money that you deserve. The author is an expert of this subject, by offering techniques on how to let go of emotions that can create blockages in reaching your goals. It's fascinating as to how much you can learn from the book. "

Sesa Eskenderian

Landing Your Dream Job: With the Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Used Books

This collection is a welcome addition to anyone who is interested in poetry. Margaret Cutler's work is beautifully written and portrays how poetry has changed throughout the years. An insightful book as it showcases the feelings of poetry, talks about recognising the theme, and all you need to understand, write or study poetry. Can be used worldwide in non-English speaking countries as well."

Poetry Unveiled: Your Comprehensive Guide to Poets and Their Poems

Sesa Eskenderian

Holding Hands

Thank you so much for your great work, support and kindness. It is so much appreciated. "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Image by Free Walking Tour Salzburg

Thank you for your patience  and making my understanding of my subconscious mind so much fun. I learnt many life skills as well. "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Beach Meditation

Your understanding of the subconscious mind is truly awe inspiring - Margie, You Rule!!! "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Wellness Coach

It’s been such a joy working with you.Thank you for all your help. "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Golden Watch

There are those people who are placed in your life at just the right time  and so it has been in meeting you and receiving your guidance and acceptance.Thank you for being such a wonderful mentor/guide/ counsellor.   "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

Little Bird

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are so appreciative of you. You are so supportive and admirable.   "


Free to be Healthy 1 hour Consultation

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