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Creating Healthy Study Habits

There is such a weird amount of pressure on students, parents and teachers to get the very best results. Unfortunately as with any situation, we do not perform at our best when we are under pressure as this forces the  brain to move into survival mode. So the more stress, the less is achieved.

If you want to get the maximum benefit out of your study time then the best thing you can do is study at the same time  every day as this trains the brain to study, takes away the worry and enables you to get the maximum study done in the minimum time.

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Key things  you can do to maximise the benefit of your study habits

  • Take a break between when you leave school or University and when you start study.

  • Set up your desk or area  with your iPad, computer, textbook - everything you need so that you are not hunting around for anything - it is always right there at your fingertips. Before you go to bed reset the desk for the next day and keep it tidy so your brain con concentrate on studying.

  • Always study at the same desk or place - you want your brain trained to switch on maximum concentration as soon as you sit down

  • Start study at the same time every day to train  your brain to study - and you will get the maximum benefit.

  • Do most important work/assignment first and then finish the rest after a complete break 

  • Take a 10 minute break every hour to refresh yourself- do not watch TV, IPad, Netflix or anything else - you are wanting your mind to relax.

  • Divide the number of chapters of each book into the number of weeks you have before the exams e.g. 10 weeks to exams and you have 10 chapters of a book to revise or study then you know that if you do just 1 chapter a week you will have studied the entire book before the exam. Do this with each of your textbooks and everything will be covered by exam time.

Sometimes students who study hard still fail - and this may be your mind telling you that the career you were studying for is not really what you want to do but rather what you think you are expected to do. 

Our mind always works protect us - you may find that your subconscious mind has given you an out so that you can pursue something that would suit you better. 

If you always do what you love you will be fulfilling your life purpose and happy too and if you love what you do you will always succeed.

Good luck and happy studying!


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