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How a Decision at Age 16 Limited Life: Inner Child Reclamation

Have you been doing 'the right thing' your whole life? The world was always your oyster but maybe you felt that some paths weren't meant to be yours for whatever reason and you shut that door before you even had a chance. In this video, we help a woman rediscover her drive and creativity through the transformative process of Inner Child Reclamation.

It's time to give your Inner Child permission to be. Sometimes as children we can experience fear around our potency and drive that we limit ourselves and our potential. Listen to what your Inner Child has to say to you.

By listening and acting we reclaim a part of ourselves that has been missing.

By listening and acting we honour the needs of our Inner Child.

By listening and acting we allow the Inner Child to stop being an adult/our protector.

By listening and acting we allow ourselves to 'grow up' to an adult age.

Two children having fun, upside down on a sofa, laughing and enjoying playful moments together.

If you have some reclaiming you would like to do, send me an email or book online for an individual session.

Happy reclaiming!


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