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What are your dreams really telling you? How to work with your Subconscious Mind to find out!

Dreams and their connection to the subconscious mind

Your dreams are your subconscious mind's way of sorting through the day's experience to give you deeper insight. This way your subconscious mind processes the emotions that you are holding onto that you have not recognised consciously. As you recognise the message your mind is showing you, so you will gain insight and thereby diffuse any fears you may have.

This is the thing about your subconscious mind - when something needs to be released it will keep giving you pain or a problem until you have completely released it from your mind.

One night last week I picked out a Rune followed by an angel card - both said that transformation was afoot and a new relationship was about to appear. This could mean any new relationship in business, a new romantic relationship or a friendship - for me I am looking forward to a new life partner so I am going to assume that this is the right interpretation for me - but who knows until it happens!

Our personal interpretations of our dreams: what do they tell us about our inner world & our subconscious mind?

Then a couple of nights later I had a weird dream which I would like to share with you here.

The dream was that as I put my hand out to switch on a light it was bitten by a funnel web spider. (Australia's most poisonous spider). The site started to swell and then someone, a male who I could not identify but who was slightly behind me on my left side, took my hand and squeezed the bite site. Out came two grey, perfectly formed rectangles about half an inch long. I thought:"oh good, my subconscious mind has released that and that's gotten rid of the poison" but my hand continued to swell and I woke up.

Strangely, I didn't feel worried at all even though I knew the funnel web spider was extremely poisonous so I thought that the dream was not prophetic but rather something I could work on and release so that I could 'switch on the light"

I interpreted the light switch as some change about to happen (metaphorically switching on the light) but that two things (because of the two columns that came out of the bite) were getting in the way or poisoning the way.

How to cleanse your aura

Not knowing what this was I asked my mind for help and was guided to look at my aura. Working with the subconscious mind forever 43 years has shown me that I can trust the guidance I get when I ask clearly. What I saw was black, slimy mud completely covering my aura. I started to clean this out with an imaginary vacuum cleaner which was attached to large pipes that went all the way up to the sun where they would drop the gunk to be destroyed.

I often use imaginary vacuum cleaners to help clients clean out their subconscious mind - it is easy to imagine, it does the job thoroughly and because it relates to something we do consciously we can recognise when the area is clean.

Because the subconscious mind will act on whatever you direct it to do (because it cannot judge and can only say 'yes') , I knew that this visualisation of cleansing would work. It actually took a couple of nights to do as I kept going to sleep while doing it - a sure sign that I was not 100% willing to let go of whatever it was. so I just kept working at it, vacuuming up the gunk and seeing it dropped on the sun to be burnt up.

Learning to release the emotions stored in the body: letting go of fear & despair

So I mentally released 'fear of what it was that was stopping me releasing;"despair at not knowing what it meant' - it doesn't matter that I cannot identify the thing I was afraid of - all I had to do was let go of the' fear' and 'despair' and that would clear the block so that I could clean out the aura.

You will have read in my earlier blogs that I had broken bones in my left foot that were playing up again and consequently had a sore back because I was favouring the one side when walking. I have been doing lots of subconscious releases on that and they were healing nicely with only occasional twinges of pain when something from my past came to mind. Once I let it go of that emotion ( by sending the emotion out to the sun to be destroyed) the pain stopped.

Read more from my earlier blog posts: Unrecognised Subconscious fears manifesting as pain

Last night, as I was cleaning out the slime I saw the face of a baby, then another face 'felt' like it was someone I knew but couldn't recognise and then there were pebbles and rocks of many sizes. I felt as if I was cleaning out my past that had stuck in my aura over the years. There was even a game of tennis there - something that I love and miss as I loved playing tennis and used to be good at it - in fact I played 7 days a week when I was growing up and always belonged to tennis clubs wherever lived. I gave it up when we lived in Queensland as I couldn't get enough air to breathe in the high humidity and somehow since then life had gotten in the way and I had not taken it up again since moving to Melbourne.

As the aura cleaned from my head down I could see light coming into the area where the slime had been. I kept cleaning. Then I 'felt" there was a transparent film over my body - when I removed the film - it fell to the ground along with all the slime and rocks and pebbles creating a large jumbled mess around my feet and ankles.

Next thing an imaginary bulldozer appeared and started to move all the rocks and junk - putting them on a conveyor belt that went up to the sun to be destroyed there. After some considerable time everything was clean.

I looked to the 'me' that was standing there and I was shiny, glowing, healthy and slim standing on a very cleaned up ground. Consciously I also felt lighter, happier, freer.

Now this morning I feel slim, light and bright and have a strong felling of anticipating what is in my future - I have no image of a swelling hand - everything feels clean and new.. and I wonder how my life is going to change - because change it must.

When you release your stored emotions your life begins to change for the better!!

Whenever you do release your stored emotions, your life changes as you are no longer being ruled by what was in your subconscious mind. It always changes for the better although at the time you might not recognise this: change can be such things as :you can let go of a job (or they let go of you); leave a relationship (or it leaves you); move house, or just clean up an area or garage that you have not even thought about for many years.

Whatever change you make it's because what was your life beforehand suited your beliefs, emotions and thoughts that you held in your subconscious mind then but you no longer hold these same thoughts, beliefs and emotions in your subconscious mind - now there's a new you so your mind ensures that you will make new choices, new changes, things must change to reflect the new you!

I will keep you posted so you can, if you wish, share my journey. I can hardly wait!!

New Vibrant Happy Self

With my aura cleansed things started to change!

It's now a few days since I cleansed my aura and 3 things have happened.

The first is that I received a clear 'message' to buy a ticket in lotto for a specific game. So even though I probably buy a ticket every couple of years naturally I knew I would follow the direction i was given but it didn't feel right to go the the local newsagency.

Coincidentally, my son rang at that exact moment of me contemplating where I would go to get a ticket to say that he wanted to go to a large shopping centre at some distance and did I want to go too now we were out of lockdown. This meant that I could easily visit the agency selling tickets so of course I noted that the universe was enabling the purchase of the ticket and so we headed out. When buying the ticket, I had a strong feeling to buy a specific ticket that was $96 but I baulked at the price ... so I just bought an ordinary quick pick. I even commented to my son as we walked away - I should have listened to my instinct - I always say to trust it and yet here I am saying 'no' to this strong feeling.

When the lotto was drawn I had a nice win of $104!! I have never ever won more than $17 so that was something new.

Of course I also wondered how much I would have won had I followed my feeling and bought the expensive one that seemed to stand out to me! Still $104 was great to get!

When I look at the numerology of the amount I won...

  • 1 = new beginnings

  • 0 = time passing

  • 4 = karma or underground water.

  • Add them all together and you get 5

5 equals "change leading to balance and harmony".

Secondly, do you remember the girl I saw standing there shining bright and new? As I checked in on her I saw that she was shrinking in size and had moved to the bottom left of my vision while a huge blowing wind swirled around her - (dreams of huge winds and tsunamis have always meant that some big change is happening or about to happen) - so I thought that would be like an emotional whirlwind to me. ..and today one of my sons said that he is thinking of living somewhere other than Melbourne for a change!!

Thirdly, my carpenter rang to say that he has finally been able to get the materials needed and he will be here this coming week to build the cupboards I have been waiting for since last March!! Finally i won't be living amongst all the boxes!

So the messages are proving themselves to be right - there is change afoot!! It's a bit exciting but also a bit scary as I wonder what else is going to happen- but I also feel that very positive things will come out of it - I just have be patient and follow any intuitive messages or feelings I get.

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