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Unrecognised Subconscious Mind Fears Manifesting As Pain

Bare Feet

Last week it was announced that we would come out of 263 days of lockdown here in Melbourne. At long last I was able to go out and the first things I wanted was to get a very much needed haircut, a lovely self indulgent manicure and a massage. Then I was going out to meet family and friends for dinner - I couldn't wait!!

I had so missed them and especially wonderful hugs from my family. I was not even thinking of any subconscious fears or repressed memories I might have had, fears that I had taken in from early childhood ( such as fears of the tall dark trees lining the road as I walked to school) that were hidden below my level of consciousness - I was too interested in getting out and about again!

While waiting for the hairdresser to be finished with his last client I had a manicure and now it was time for my reflexology massage. I felt buoyant and fabulous, excited about it all.

Reflexology helps stir up the subconscious mind fears

The reflexology was brilliant and I always love having it done - but the next day I was in so much pain I could not walk. You see 3 years ago I had fallen down a flight of stairs and broke the bones in both feet. It had taken me about a year to walk without pain - and here I was in the same boat again. I was not happy! Because I know that any pain, any problem we have always starts in the subconscious mind before it manifests in the body, I started to work on getting rid of the unconscious emotions that were causing the pain.

I was stunned to find that my subconscious mind actually wanted the pain to stop me going out! This was so not me - I love going out and especially catching up with family and friends. Consciously I knew I wanted to go out yet my unconscious emotions were causing me pain.

For some reason after not being out except between lockdowns since March 2020 other than to get groceries or to walk in the park, there was a part of me that had become scared - there were repressed emotions that meant that I was actually afraid of going out!

For more on repressed emotions, check out my post on repressed memories and the subconscious mind

Now anyone who knows me knows that I love meeting people, going to new places, catching up with friends and family - the more the merrier. But I found that for my subconscious mind it was different. It did not want to go out at all and was creating pain in my feet to make it difficult for me to do so or to make sure that I had a good excuse not to go out.

A picture of an iceberg demonstrating that most of the iceberg is below the water surface
Our Unconscious Emotions can be underneath the surface, much like an Iceberg. Scientists believe that 90% of an iceberg is below the water surface.

Healing The Pain...Removing The Subconscious Fears

In order to clear out the subconscious fears I had and to get rid of the pain in my feet I gave my subconscious mind the directive that it was to show me why I had the pain and what I had to do to get rid of it - and every night it gave me something else to work on - things that went back to when I was a little girl growing up as the only girl amongst 4 brothers, working in all male businesses where I used to steel myself to go into meetings where some of the men wanted to intimidate me and I had to stand my ground.

Every night I had to let these thoughts and emotions go, and every night something else that I had not recognised consciously came up for me to clear.

Things came up that I had not thought about in years and that I did not realise had been important or affected me in any way... and over the next 4 nights I cleared out the repressed emotions including feelings about being alone in a crowd. This was something that I would never have thought would cause me concern as I love the noise, the people, the movement around me. In fact I always write my books in a coffee shop because I find being around people stimulates my mind.

It was easy to know when my subconscious mind had cleared out all this emotion as the pain in my feet stopped and I am once again able to walk and go out again easily. The other change I found was that I felt lighter as if an unseen weight had lifted .. and of course it had.

So did my subconscious mind get me to do reflexology because it knew it would stir up pain so that I would work on the emotions? You bet! When an emotion needs to be released our subconscious mind will make sure we recognise it and release it - and it will get our attention by whatever means it needs!

3 Handy Tips To Help You Release Any Repressed Emotions & Subconscious Fears

Here is a handy visualisation that is going to help you release your subconscious fears.

Step 1

Close your eyes and think of the pain or problem you are experiencing.

Step 2

Ask your mind why you have this pain - do not be surprised at what you hear - it may not make a lot of sense but it is important just to acknowledge. More often than not it will be something from your childhood, from between 0-4 years of age - that is why it is so important not to judge what you get. Kids do not have adult minds; nor can they think in the abstract so you might get something such as:

"I wanted the jellybean and couldn't have it so Mum doesn't want me to have anything I love. It's not fair."

Step 3

Imagine that you are floating this fear, worry, feeling ,thought - whatever it is, imagine it as a balloon and let it float up to the sun to be destroyed. Because your subconscious mind can only say 'yes' it will obey and it will release the emotion along with the balloon.

Keep sending balloons out to the sun to be destroyed until your eyes open of their own accord. This may take one balloon or it may take several. Sometimes the balloon keeps growing until it is gigantic and then it floats away; sometimes you will imagine hundreds of balloons - it doesn't matter - just keep at it until there are no balloons left or your eyes open of their own accord.

This exercise is taken from my Subconscious Mind e-workbook where I have provided lots of exercises to help you to discover repressed emotions that are held in your subconscious mind, plus techniques to help you release them so you don't have to go through the pain such as I just did!

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