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Subconscious mind techniques - Why I love this work...

When you see a person come into the office feeling as if life is not worth living, that no matter what they try to do it does not succeed, that they feel hopeless, helpless, sick, afraid and the myriad of feelings that we humans carry with us - I am grateful that they have sought out my help but even more grateful when I am able to help them, turn their lives around and see they have a new hope for the future.

I love seeing the changes they make in such a short time. love seeing how their lives improve right from the first release we do, how their colour improves, how they sit up straighter, how their tone of speech changes and develops more strength, how their pain reduces or disappears. these are what make this work so worthwhile.

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Subconscious mind techniques

The subconscious mind techniques I use are very simple - they have taken me many years to perfect but each technique has been taught to me by my clients. As the client and I work together I receive messages from their mind showing me how they need to release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are negatively impacting their lives.

Each person is an individual

For some people this will mean blowing up a balloon, releasing a balloon to the sun to be destroyed, writing out a story, doing a visualisation or even receiving a gift from the universe. Whatever the technique required that is the one we use. There is no 'one size fits all' as we are all unique human beings and as such we have our own needs for releasing that must be respected by me.

And that is why my techniques work so quickly and so well.

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