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Embracing Imperfections: The Most Beautiful Tree... Is the Crooked Tree

A Buddhist monk...

A Buddhist monk once said: "The most beautiful trees in the forest are the ones with the most imperfections, the crooked trees".

He refers to us - we are all like the crooked and most beautiful trees in the forest. Each one of us has our own imperfections which make us unique and therefore beautiful. Embracing imperfections is an essential part of appreciating our individuality and finding beauty in our differences.

You are the very first you, embracing imperfections and all

Scott Stuart says in his book "The Very First You" - "nobody has every smiled your smile, or runs the way you run; the chances of you being born as you are, are 400 trillion to one."

When you start to compare yourself to someone else, stop and think: I have something very important to deliver to the universe that only I can deliver in the way I deliver it. .. there is only one me in this world and I need to be true to me.

You are not the same...

Just as all the trees in the forest are not the same ( even if they are the same type of tree ) so you are not the same as any other human being. You went through a lot to come into this world - what gift do you have that you might help others through that gift? Are you a gardener whose garden enhances the mood of everyone who walks past? Are you an architect who makes beautiful buildings for others to use and admire? Are you a person who mows the lawn and thereby allows the children to play?

The power of your special gift

Never underestimate the power of your gift and never ever compare yourself to someone else - because you are the only You in this world!

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