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Notice what you notice... subconscious mind transformation steps

Question: What should I do immediately after my subconscious mind transformation session?

After the first session you will feel lighter, more centred, more in control, less heavy or burdened. Some may find that they want to take some time away from distractions and over stimulus like socializing and electronic devices and especially alcohol, while they allow their mind/body to process the change that has occurred.


You might feel like a short walk-in nature, looking at clouds and surrounding trees and birdlife. I suggest my clients to pay attention to the thoughts and feelings that may come to the surface now you have lifted the lid – not as a Pandora’s box but when you release some thought emotion and especially a belief you have held for years you will often have other emotions and thoughts rise to the surface. You can just acknowledge them and let them go or you can actively send them out to the sun to be destroyed.

Deep layers your subconscious mind transformation steps

Others find they are so energised that they just want to get in and get things done. It is entirely an individual response after the subconscious mind transformation steps. We have just worked through some pretty deep layers of your subconscious mind, and the mind will process it over the next few days or weeks

It is good to ‘notice what you notice’ – clients tell me they suddenly notice that they want to change their house around, throw out things that they didn’t realise they didn’t really like; start to lose weight or eat more healthy foods.

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Clients' results

One client had not been able to sell the house for 2 years sold her house within 3 weeks of working with me and a male client received two offers on a block of land he had been trying to sell without success for 7 years, yet for both of these people we did not work on selling but worked on health issues.

Because everything is energy and every cell in your body holds the thoughts, beliefs and emotions held in your mind, when you release that thought, belief or emotion in one area you release in all areas.

So notice what you notice and don’t be surprised at the changes that happen that benefit all areas of your life.

P.S I would love to answer more of your questions and your concerns about the subconscious mind & energy work and invite you to either send through your comments here or direct message me and I will post my answers


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