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When Emerald equals poor and struggling - subconscious mind power to make you go broke!

Before you start to build a table for instance you first have to think it - that means it doesn't have form yet but the more you think about it the more you are able to create it in your mind and then finally it becomes reality as you build it.

The same is true of everything in your life- you think about it first and then you bring it into reality.

Harnessing Subconscious Mind Power: Far too often we are thinking about what we don't have...

and then wondering why we can't get what we want. e.g. you really want a new lounge but you don't have the money to buy it - this immediately focusses your thoughts on the lack of money and that is exactly what you will continue to get and not the lounge your conscious mind wants.


you might be thinking "I would really love to have a partner" - and then continue to feel lonely and alone - so the universe continues to give aloneness because that is what you are focussing on and not on the feeling of having a partner.

Emerald = poverty

Years ago I had a client who came to me to find out why he had lost all his money. You see he had built up an really successful multi level marketing business and had reached Emerald Level which was pretty good financially.

As soon as he reached Emerald level and within DAYS all his 'legs' ( multiple levels of finance) collapsed for various reasons and he lost everything he had built up over the years. To say he was devastated would be an understatement. He had worked years to build this business - it had been his sole focus.

I asked him what an emerald meant to him - he immediately said 'poor and struggling' - you see, when he was 20 and poor and struggling he fell in love and struggled to buy his girlfriend a tiny emerald for an engagement ring.

As soon as he reached emerald level in his business his subconscious mind remembered that emerald meant he was poor and struggling and that is exactly what it brought about. His subconscious mind must always be right and this was what he was still holding onto.

We did a lot of releasing of his beliefs around being poor and struggling, a lot of work about deserving wealth and changed his subconscious mind to believe that he was successful and wealthy.

Because he had built a successful business before it took him no time to rebuild his business, thanks to his Subconscious Mind Power, and this time all his downline were people who wanted to be wealthy and whose thoughts and beliefs matched his own ( the Law of Attraction of "like attracts like" was at work here )

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