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Unlocking Subconscious Mind Power: We are what we think - learning to get what you want

"We are what we think - All that we are arises with our thoughts... with our thoughts we make the world" Buddha

We only use about 10% of our brain - it is the other 90% of our brain that really controls our world - that is, the subconscious mind controls everything we have in our life - the quality of our life, our work, our home, our money, our health, our relationships.

That is why it is so important to be able to know what is in our subconscious mind and change what we don't want that is manifesting in our life.

Reveal Subconscious Mind Power: Do you want to know what your subconscious mind is thinking? Do this exercise now to find out!

Look at your life as it is now - be very honest with yourself and really look at every aspect of your life as it is now , write down everything you have, don't have but want , everything that is good, bad or indifferent -this is just for you to understand the power of your subconscious mind:

*do you have the home you want?

*are you happy with the type of work you are doing?

*do you have the relationship you want?

*do you have the amount of money you want?

* so you have a secret longing?

Your subconscious mind cannot judge

Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between true and false, yesterday and tomorrow - it only works in NOW time. This means that any thought, belief or emotion that you took into your subconscious mind when you were little is still ruling your world now you are an adult.

Everything in the world vibrates -

It doesn't matter whether it is a rock, a stone, a tree, a person- the stongest microscope will show what scientists ( and metaphysicians!) have known for years - everything is made up of vibration, even our thoughts and our words. This means that whatever thought, emotion, belief you took in when you were little will be sent out to the world, finds similar thoughts beliefs and emotions and brings them back to you, reinforcing your beliefs that the world is a struggle, that you can't get wealthy or healthy or whatever it is that you consciously want.

How do I change this so I have everything I want ?

The first and most important thing is to think and act as if you have the very thing you want.

If you want health - start thinking as if your are already healthy

If you want wealth - start thinking as if you are already wealthy

If you want a happy relationship - start thinking as if you are in a happy relationship

If you want to be thinner or fitter - start thinking as if you are already thinner or fitter

That is - fake it til you make it!

The universe does not know the difference so it will bring it to you and it will show up in your world (actually now you know that it is the vibration of being and feeling healthy or wealthy that you are sending out to the universe/world that is linking up with similar vibrations and bringing it back to you!).

To put it in other people's words:

Like attracts like

Change your thoughts, change your world

What you think about is what you create

You become what you think about all day long

or as NikolaTesla said:

When science begins the study of non-physical phenomena

it will make more progress in one decade

than all the previous centuries of its existence.

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