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What do you really want? What hidden agenda is stopping you having it?

If you re struggling financially it's because you are thinking more about being struggling financially than you do about having money or being wealthy.

If you are thinking about having no money all the time then these thoughts turn into feelings and now you both think and feel that you have no money - this then becomes a vibration and you send out that vibration into the world, this then attracts similar vibrations and brings them back to you - so you continue to have no money and you create the same life over and over..

So begin now and start thinking and FEELING as if you have money - it doesn't matter how much you actually have or even if it far less than your want it, think it, FEEL it and it will be be drawn to you. You will miraculously find the better paying job, get a raise, be left some money - don't judge how it is going to come to you, just take action on whatever thoughts come that will make you more money and you will have it .

Some people get very confused here - they say: "OH so now your saying I just need to take action" - so what's with this: 'change your mind thing' or words to that effect.

No one said you did not have to take action. If you think of a chair and want it, you still have to take action to either build or buy it. This is the same. Once you have the thinking and feeling right, then you will find lots of ideas come to you (that you will not have had before or will have dismissed them before ) that will enable you to take action to bring in the wealth you want.

I had a client Petra who came to a workshop I held in country Victoria Australia - this is a beautiful part of Australia and this client had a house she needed to sell ( it had been on the market for a couple of years ) and no agent could sell it no matter how much advertising they did, no matter that it was a beautiful house.

In the workshop I asked my participants to write down something that they wanted but dint seem able to get and then to write down the consequences of having that thing would be. Petra said - that's easy - I want to sell the house and then i will be free" . this was a flag to me and I asked her "what will you be free from?" she thought for quite some time until she finally said ' I will be free from my husband"

We then did a lot of work around what that would mean to her and she realised that she really did not want to be freed from her husband, she just wanted some changes in where they would be living once they moved. Once she realised this, she also realised that she, at a deep level in her subconscious mind had not wanted the house to sell because she did not want to lose her husband.. And the universe delivered.

About 6 weeks or so later Petra excitedly rang to say she had told her husband about the work we did at the workshop and she was thrilled to say they had an offer on the house, AND her husband had readily agreed that they would be moving to a place she loved which was nearer her adult children.

So if you are wanting something and it is not being delivered no matter how much you want it , check your subconscious mind to see if there is a hidden agenda there that is preventing you having the very thing you want.

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