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The power of subconscious mind: How your experiences shape and transform your brain

Although our conscious mind has the power of reason and therefore thinks it decides the best action we should take at any one time – it is the subconscious mind that determines those actions, changes our cellular structure and therefore influences what our health and therefore our life is going to be like.

It is our subconscious mind that determines whether we are well, sick, break an arm or leg, have a stroke, have cancer, have eczema or any other health problem we may be facing – all these are a direct result of the thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are held within the subconscious mind and that have created a change within the cellular structure allowing an illness to manifest.

It is called the subconscious mind for one very good reason – its thoughts, beliefs and emotions remain hidden from us until they manifest in some unexpected way – more often than not through an illness, a broken bone or sprained ligament, financial or relationship crisis.

I don’t want you to think our subconscious mind is our enemy. Far from it, our subconscious mind is always protecting us – even when we are sick, it is there looking after us.

The thoughts, beliefs and emotions we feel and think must go somewhere and if the emotion is strong enough they go into your subconscious mind and influence your every action from then on.

You can only feel an emotion for 6 seconds, after that you are recreating that emotion and if you continue to recreate that emotion by harbouring the hurt, endlessly discussing how awful your ex was, etc etc then you are reinforcing that emotion, recreating it in your subconscious mind and changing your future.

Sometimes you don’t feel pain but just feel as if ‘something is not right’ or you just don’t feel yourself. When you have this feeling, close your eyes if it is safe to do so ( and if doing so allows you to concentrate better) and ask “where do I feel pain, stress or anxiety?”

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Your body will show you where you are holding the stress - it could be that you feel a tightening or you will suddenly feel pain where there was none before or you will just become aware of an area in your body.

You can ask that part of the body why it is feeling stressed – and if you listen to that part it will tell you.

Don’t dismiss anything you get – even suddenly wanting a jelly bean will be showing you something relevant to that stress.

I had a client in her 50s who was CEO of a major corporation and had very little time to do the things she loved to do – she was always travelling, or writing reports – in fact she often went to bed only to wake up in the night with her work on her mind. - when we asked that part of the body why it was feeling pain, the answer she got was ‘jelly beans’.

Initially she thought this was ridiculous - what did jelly beans have to do with the pain she was feeling? We could have dismissed that as being irrelevant but instead asked that part of her body what jelly beans meant to her –It didn’t take long for her to remember that every time she went to the doctor he gave her jelly beans and jelly beans became part of her subconscious mind’s feeling of being nurtured. So by showing her jelly beans this pain was showing her that she needed to nurture herself more- something she thought she was too busy to do and didn’t think she needed as she loved her job.

Behind every illness or health problem there is a positive – your mind is trying to protect you from any negative thoughts, beliefs or emotions you are experiencing below the level of consciousness; and so it was with my client, while she loved her job her subconscious mind was creating pain to tell her that she needed more nurturing, more time for herself. She said she even went out and bought herself a packet of jelly beans which she kept in her bag so that when she opens her bag each day she is reminded to take some time to look after herself.

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