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Knee pain gives me a subconscious excuse

This morning I was speaking on the phone with my son and as I stood up I felt a click in my left knee and then intense pain as I went to walk.This pain remained with me for a good hour so I had to do something about it and not pretend it would just go away of its own accord.

First things first...

First thing I did was to book into an osteopath for this afternoon knowing that in the meantime I would be working on why my subconscious mind had created the knee pain in the first place.

We subconsciously create pain for a reason

Next, knowing that we create our pain for some reason I dived into the subconscious mind, asking my mind why it needed knee pain. The answer was not what I was expecting. It seems that I wanted the knee pain so that I had a subconscious excuse not to go walking.

Knee pain gives me a subconscious excuse...

Now anyone who knows me knows I love walking. I walk everywhere I can no matter how far or what the weather. This is my form of meditation and only form of exercise. I feel great when I do it and I love it.So for my mind to tell me that knee pain gives me a subconscious excuse

Photo of a man with knee pain
Knee pain gives me a subconscious mind excuse

to stop me walking was definitely surprising.

3 keys to my pain:

But it seems that my subconscious mind knew 3 key things:

1) I loved walking

2) I knew I was frustrated with sitting too much while writing to meet deadlines.

3) I was not getting to do the walks that I so wanted to do.

My pain is looking after me: Knee pain gives me a subconscious excuse

So my mind decided to look after me by giving me an excuse not to walk gave me the knee pain.

The steps to releasing the pain

Needless to say I talked to the part of my subconscious mind that was responsible for the pain to get it to:

a)release the need for pain

b) release the need for an excuse not to walk

c) release despair at having created the pain

d) release despair at not being able to walk as much as i wanted to

e) release the actual pain by imagining breathing into it ( a great and very simple technique)

This all took less than an hour and now I have absolutely no pain whatsoever and can walk easily and comfortably.

Now to cancel the osteopath!!

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