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We Need Our Failures: Embracing Failure as a Path to Success

Being a winner is all about participating and having a go even if you risk failing.

Winners don’t succeed all the time—they are just better at losing; they believe that losing or failing better equips them to succeed, because through failing they have learnt what not to do.

Embracing Failure; they show us the difference between what we want and don’t want, and lead us to what we do want.

Sometimes when we fail its because we have not listened to our inner voice - you know the one! You have a gut feeling that something is not quite right and yet you go ahead because logically it seems right. Your gut feeling is your subconscious mind telling you to stop and listen and since it ALWAYS determines your success or failure it is worth listening to.

Sometimes persistence towards a goal shows some aspect of ourselves that we didn’t know existed. Many people give up far too early on a goal that they are well suited to and talented enough to achieve. Even though they find the work enjoyable they become caught up in the outcome happening immediately and they don't appreciate the value of the journey to get there.

There is a great expression: "30 years to become an overnight success."

If we always give up, we will suffocate these life-giving opportunities, and we may even develop breathing and lung problems, or asthma because we are not listening to our inner self, our subconscious mind that knows we should continue. It knows what we need to learn, it knows that the journey holds the gold nuggets of discovery and as long as what we are pursuing gives us joy and we don't focus on having immediate results we will succeed.

The trouble may be that we see success as having xyz amount of money in the bank while the subconscious mind may see success as learning about ourselves, creating something that gives us internal satisfaction rather than monetary gain. If something feels right, gives inner joy and harms no one else then it is important to follow it, even follow it part time while you earn the $$ elsewhere.

If we don't follow our inner knowing we may well lose some self-respect because we start to believe that we cannot commit to anything, and more importantly, because we fail to persist we are really telling ourselves that we aren’t worth the effort. And this becomes a self- fulfilling prophecy.

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