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You are born a winner... you are the only YOU in the world: Unveiling the Power of Your Life Purpose

The chance of you being born as you are, are 400 Trillion to one!! This is the power of your subconscious mind.

Joyful young boy reveling in happiness, surrounded by shimmering glitters from festive party poppers.

Once upon a time there was one little egg that was happily waiting for a big, strong sperm to swim along and help her fulfill her life’s purpose. (I told you this was a metaphysical tale!)

Swimming towards her were hundreds and thousands of strong sperm racing each other to get to her first.

The little egg was so excited: “Who would win the race? What would he look like?” She was so happy, knowing she was about to meet her soul mate. (Metaphysics again!)

Meanwhile all the sperm were racing and shouting to each other.

“I’ll win!” said one sperm.”

“No, you won’t, I’m going to win.” said another.

“You are both wrong – I’m winning” shouted a third as the sperm raced each other. Faster and faster they swam to get to the little egg.

All the sperm were swimming as fast as they could until one moved to the front and started to lead the others. Faster! Faster! Faster! He swam until. …finally, there… she was!

He won! He won the race! He was the winner!

And since he won the race and became you, YOU were born a winner.

Why was it so important that you won that race so that you could be born?

Why were you so determined to win?

What do you really want to do that will satisfy your soul’s need, your life purpose?

How did it make you feel when I said: “You were born a winner!”

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