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Her subconscious mind protects her by giving her a headache all day every day for 10 years!!

I just got off the phone from a lady who has had 10 years suffering with the one continuous headache! She said she has taken lots of medicines and seen many doctors and swallowed lots of potions and things to help but has had the headache all day every day for over 10 years and nothing has worked.

Inner child

It took me less than a second to find the cause of the headache, In the centre of her brain I saw an image of a large black area - no tumour - just black empty space. I also heard her 6 year old tell me she was terrified and the headache was saving her from concentrating on the thing that was terrifying her.

The subconscious mind can't judge

Now as you know, anything that goes into the subconscious mind as a child stays there until you let it go. The subconscious mind can't judge, cant tell the time - it just reacts. So her mind thinks she is still terrified of something and has been protecting her throughout the 10 years by keeping the headache going.

Because it was a 6 year old child who was creating the headache I had ask her 6 year what she was terrified of. It took some chatting with her but finally her inner child told her she had lied to her mum and was terrified of being found out!

Her subconscious mind was protecting her by giving her a headache - that way she did not have to think about the guilt she felt, she only had to concentrate on the headache,

Releasing the Subconscious Mind headache

I had her release the subconscious mind headache by

1) Forgiving her 6 year old for lying ( we didn't have to know what she had lied about)

2) Letting go of the shame she felt over lying to her mum

3) Her adult self cuddled her 6 year old self and told her she loved her and everything was OK

4) Her inner child felt loved and forgiven

5) Her inner child agreed to let the headache go.

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