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Clearing Energy Blocks

A lady with clutching at her back with lower back pain.

When your energy is blocked may things will go wrong in your life, not least being your health.

This morning I was dusting a cupboard and found a box of angel cards that I had forgotten about. Out of curiosity (and to get away from housework) I picked out a card turned it over and read: Energy work.

The very essence of life is energy...

Energy Work Tarot Card by Doreen Virtue

For this card Doreen Virtue has written:

"Life can be electrifying because its very essence is energy. Your body is a remarkable energy field that will positively respond to loving treatment. Your hands and heart are activated; give healing energy to your loved ones and clients."

I wondered why this card was so significant to me - I loved the energy work I was doing with my clients, my house is looked after and is clean and tidy, I am enjoying being out of lockdown now Melbourne has opened up again- however I had had sore back for a couple of days that I had been working on to heal. Maybe this was a signal that there was a different aspect of that work that I had to do to heal it? That I had to clear energy blocks.

Because my back hurt, the card was telling me that there must be blocked energy somewhere. So, I had a good look at my body to 'see' where energy could be blocking and where my mind and body might be giving me a bad back to wake me up to it and show me what I had to do.

At first, I couldn't see that there was anything blocking any energy at all. However, I also know I would not have a bad back AND picked out an energy card if there wasn't some work to do.

As you know I am a great believer in decluttering and I am always throwing out what I don't need, what I don't like ( but bought because I thought I needed it at the time!) and what was no longer suitable. So, I didn't think there would be a lot of blocked energy. Boy, was I wrong!

Putting things on hold because of external circumstances was blocking my energy

I suddenly realised I had put lots of things on hold-- my second bedroom, though neat and tidy, was waiting for the carpenter to come to put in new cupboards. I had been waiting since March and it was now November - admittedly we had been in and out of lockdown over the year but that was still a long time to wait while living with boxes in the lounge, dining room, bedroom!!

I had not gone through any of the items there to sort them out, thinking I would do it when the carpenter had built the cupboards. However, I started to realise that this was 'putting on hold' things that I should be doing now. I had been waiting for us to be out of lockdown, for my carpenter to have a date free to do the work and for the cupboards to be finished before I went through the boxes and sorted the items.

So, number 1 on my list of things to do to unblock energy was to clean out cupboards and boxes before the carpenter comes.

It’s funny how when you start to look for energy blocks, areas that were not clear before now pop into your mind.

The second thing I thought of is that I would love to be in a new relationship as I loved sharing my life with my ex-husband before. But why was I thinking of this now? What did a relationship have to do with my sore back? Was there any area there where I was stuck?

Again the energy card was right - there were things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go and instead of doing them as I normally would irrespective of whether I had someone to do them with or not, I realised I was putting my life on hold (creating an energy block) in case I met someone so that we could do them together, so that we could share the experience.

Energy blocks and Learning to Clear Energy Blocks

So, to get this energy block moved and bring back new life, the first thing I did was update my listings on dating sites and booked myself in to some meetup and community groups. I am also looking for a sculpturing and art class. The intention is now to go out, enjoy myself and if in the process I meet someone that is great and if not, at least I am actively enjoying my life again

List of things to do (so far) to clear energy blocks

  1. clean out cupboards before the carpenter comes

  2. be socially active again

The third area I found I was stuck is with social media. Now anyone who knows me knows that I am hopeless at Instagram, fb and all that social media 'stuff 'that we are supposed to be doing. I had a good think about this and realised that I have run a very successful business without social media for over 41 years so why was I so stressed about it now.

I have never believed in the word 'should', I believe that we live our lives doing the things that bring us joy and harmony, that don't hurt others and that we leave the 'should' alone. However, I also see the value of social media for modern business when it is done properly. I just don't like the time it takes me to do it when someone else can do it in much less time and with less effort. But I really don't just want posts for posts sake. I wanted someone to work with me who understands my business, someone who has the same belief that I have: that everyone has a right to a healthy, wealthy and happy life and that if I can help people towards getting this then I have fulfilled my life purpose.

Applying someone else's energy...

I found my solution which really suits me - and I employed someone who has a clear understanding of my purpose and intention. I don't feel stressed or blocked about getting it done any more , nor do I feel guilty about not having gotten it done properly before

But most importantly I am free to do the work I love- helping people to heal their lives, write my blogs to give them more insight, write my books and workbooks and leave my VA to do what she does best.

List of things to do to unblock energy

  1. clean out cupboards before the carpenter comes

  2. be socially active again

  3. employ a social media strategist to take the worry out of me having to do it

OK, having listed 3 things that I thought were blocking me I thought that's it, that's all the energy blocks! But - there is still a twinge in my back so there must be something else that is needed to be recognised and released.

New life, new energy

While thinking this out, my eyes wandered to the outside patio, and I realised that I had often thought that I should move the plant stands into better positions and remove several boxes of tiles left over from a renovation and put them in another place. I quite like everything on my patio, everything was organised and there is nothing there that I would throw out, so what's the problem? Why is this showing up as an energy block? Ah yes, then I realised = it needs a revamp - a change, a refresher. It’s been the same for two years while we were in lockdown and now it's time for a new look, some colour, time to put some new life, new energy back in it.

List of things to do to unblock energy

  1. clean out cupboards before the carpenter comes

  2. be socially active again

  3. employ a social media strategist to take the worry out of me doing it

  4. refresh the patio with new energy

While creating my list and realising that there was indeed some blocked energy my son rang me to see if I would like to go out to a late breakfast. Not only would I be seeing my son, but I would also be going to a very busy part of town and seeing new places and new faces. I would love it!! I went to get dressed up and realised that because of working from home and not socialising for two years my clothes no longer suited who I am now.

Remove the old to refresh and renew energy

So here was another energy block. Normally I love dressing up but as I opened my wardrobe, I realised nothing inspired nor excited me. So, I added another item to my list - refresh wardrobe and get some new clothes - but first I have to sort out the cupboard and get rid of what no longer suits.

There is a very apt saying: you can't bring in something new while the old stale energy is still there. So out the old must go and then I will be able to bring in some nice new colours and styles. I can't wait!!

List of things to do to unblock my energy
I was left with my final list, with 5 things to clear out!

Some of these things I have already started to do while some will take me the rest of the week to finish; but already I can feel that the pain in my back has reduced dramatically -and all because something made me take out an Angel card and look at the energy that I was unknowingly blocking.

So, if you are feeling any ache or pain in your body, see if there is an energy bock somewhere in your life. And if you can't find it then maybe it’s time to give me a call and we will work it out together.

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