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Free to be Healthy Workbook Review

I am delighted Margaret Cutler has added “Free to be Healthy Workbook ” to her amazing repertoire of publications.

'Free to be Healthy Workbook' gives Wellness in Body, Mind and Spirit

Many years ago I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Margaret’s “Free to be Healthy” book which enabled me to achieve a comfortable level of wellness in Body, Mind and Spirit, while providing me with a guide to wellness on all levels.

Self healing

Margaret’s “Free to be Healthy Workbook" is a very rewarding self healing program, with expert guidance through every step to enable us to understand how our subconscious mind ts affecting our physical health while providing valuable techniques and exercises to help us to clear out the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

I am certainly continuing to grow and learn from her insight while following her techniques enables me to be healthy.

Carol West

Free to be Healthy Workbook

This workbook not only gives you more case studies but also provides you with specific exercises and techniques to help you release the thoughts, beliefs and emotions held deep in the subconscious mind that are creating negatives in your health. Just like the iceberg your subconscious mind holds more hidden information than what is seen in the conscious mind - it rules your world!

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