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Everyone is Intuitive

Learning to trust & develop your internal intuition

I absolutely agree with Nigel Eru on this. People constantly tell me they have a 'gut reaction' to something that turns out to be correct or they get a 'funny feeling' that they shouldn't do something and that turns out to save them from trouble.

This article is written by Nigel Eru and I though you might like to hear what he has to say:

Absolutely everyone has intuitive especially clairsentience ability! There’s nothing spooky or extraordinary about being intuitive , in fact it’s a very natural human characteristic.

We all have the ability to develop and strengthen intuitive skills just like any other skill.

Everyone is Intuitive

If you’ve ever received a hunch, or a gut feeling about a particular person or situation then you’ve already had an intuitive experience – and you’ll be able to experience that again, and again, and again.

A major part of being human is being able to interact with the world around us through our physical senses. This aspect of self- awareness forms part of our intelligence and consciousness.

Clairsentience is the extension of our feelings and emotions; clairvoyance is the extension of our sight and clairaudience is the extension of our hearing. Each of our 5 physical senses has a ‘clair’ associated with it.

Everyone can and does receive messages. However, the challenge is in how we interpret the information we receive:

Clairsentience is regarded as the foundation stone of all the senses

This is the easiest to develop.We all have the capacity to feel things, we can all sense pain or discomfort in our bodies, and we all can experience emotions and feelings.

When we start to think of clairsentience as the ‘expression of one’s experiences’ then we begin to understand how these experiences may then be interpreted through our senses.

How does clairsentience work?

Clairsentience is very subtle, it uses our physical sensations, our feelings and our emotions to convey messages about people, objects or situations. It can use our experiences of the past in such a way that it feels like our emotional memories are resurfacing. Every experience we have is stored away in our subconscious mind so they can be retrieved at a later date.

Take a moment to reflect on some of your memories, and identify the physical sensations, emotions or feelings connected each of the following experiences:

  • Feelings of joy and excitement – from opening x-mas presents as a child

  • Feelings of sadness and grief – from the death of a close relative, friend or pet

  • Feelings of physical discomfort – from a bad cold or flu

  • Feelings of acute physical pain – from a nasty burn or bee sting

  • Feelings of romantic love – from your first romantic connection

When we interact with people, objects, places or situations our auric field works like antennae extending out from our body in all directions.

It connects us to our environment by channelling energetic information back through our chakra system that are then oriented through our senses (or clairs). Clairsentient messages are specifically translated into a physical sensations, feelings or emotions in a way that helps us understand what is happening immediately around us.

Our auric field works like antennae extending out from our body in all directions..

Take for example a hunch or a gut feeling you have about a person you’ve just met. If you receive feelings of uneasiness or mistrust, then depending on how much you trust your instincts, you may decide to not interact with this person, or if the situation or type of relationship does not support this (e.g. work relationships) then you may wish to pursue a line of investigation or action that helps you manage the relationship. This is an example of how we use clairsentience to manage our everyday relationships and experiences.

9 signs you're clairsentient

Everyone is intuitive , but most people have a dominant ‘clair'. If your strongest intuitive sense is clairsentience then all or most of the following with relate to you:

  1. You're highly sensitive to energies in your environment and easily pick up on the ‘vibe’ of a place, an object, a situation or a person.

  2. You’re a good judge of character and you trust your gut.

  3. You can tell when someone is lying to you.

  4. You can empathise with others easily, sensing how they are feeling, and what they’re going through.

  5. You have a connection with plants or animals and can sense how they are feeling.

  6. You sometimes ‘feel’ the presence of energies around you that aren’t yours

  7. You sometimes ‘feel’ other people’s pain, even the location and type of pain they're experiencing.

  8. You tend to use the phrase ‘I feel’ a lot in conversations with others.

  9. You're 'in tune' with your feelings and emotion

Sometimes we can block energy, and deny our true feelings on a situation

13 ways we block clairsentience

The ways that we inhibit our block our senses can be very subtle. Possessing a good sense of self-awareness will enable you to comprehend and manage the following challenges:

1. Blocked feelings and emotions

We may not always be aware of how/when/why this has happened, but generally speaking this will be related to pain, trauma, conflict, abuse, anxiety, fear or depression of some kind that has not been healed or resolved. If we’re interpreting any senses through the ‘lens of our own struggles’ then we are limiting our potential to see the truth.

2. Letting our feelings and emotions get in the way

This is very common in the case of personal/romantic relationships. We must always be as objective as possible and not let any of our own personal challenges/issues/expectations interrupt or disrupt the information we are receiving.

3. Medications

Some medications (e.g. pain relievers, antidepressants) can block us from experiencing the fullness of our emotions, feelings and empathy.

4. Addictions - especially drugs and alcohol

These will alter our mind and our perceptions to the point where we lose our sense for reality and truth. Fundamentally speaking, addictions keep us trapped in the lower energies (or chakras). When we are making soul connections it’s important to be focused on raising your vibration and therefore lifting our consciousness/awareness to the upper chakras.

5. Inability to manage boundaries

Boundaries can be physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual. When boundaries are not maintained in the physical world we become unable to distinguish which feelings and emotions belongs to us vs. others. When we are unable to manage boundaries well in the Spirit world we can become constantly disrupted by unwanted Spirits (e.g. troubled relatives).

6. Trust issues

If we’re unable to trust in the information that we are receiving then we’ll never be able to trust in our own abilities and this will in turn affect our spiritual development. We must learn to trust the feelings and emotions we are receiving – this is how we unfold clairsentience which leads to the unfoldment of our intuition.

7. Control issues

Controlling the outcome or experience will result in the ability being compromised, restricted or even shut down. We must learn to release and let go. We must hold a sense of openness at all times to what we receive and how we receive it.

8.Fear of being wrong

This is one of the biggest blocks to the unfoldment of clairsentience but also our entire spiritual development. It’s so important to view mistakes as golden learning opportunities for growth, and not to be impacted by the judgement or approval of others.

9. Fear of the unknown

Some people are just afraid of things they cannot see or explain – they feel unsafe. It is vital to maintain good spiritual hygiene and have adequate protections in place. We must always be safe and hold a ‘duty of care’ for our recipients.

10. Expectations around the outcome or the experience

We must let go of any pre-conceived ideas or expectations of what we ‘think’ it should ‘feel’ like. The reality is that every connection will be different because every person’s experience of the world is unique.

11. Unable to silence the mind

If you have a ‘monkey-mind’ or an overactive-mind that finds it difficult to concentrate or focus then you will find it hard to maintain the soul connection. Regular meditation will assist with this.

12. Tension

Being able to relax and enjoy this work is absolutely key. When we are relaxed, everything goes smoothly. When we are tense and uptight our abilities become strained and restricted. Also, tension can be transferred to the recipient which creates a whole raft of issues.

13. Lacking confidence

If you keep telling yourself that you can’t do this then chances are that you’ll never be able to.

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Author Bio: Nigel Eru is a psychic medium, intuitive empath, healer and teacher. He uses clairvoyance, clairsentience and claircognizance to read and understand people, situations, objects, photos and spaces.

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