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Did you know that helping others can boost your own happiness?

Research shows that giving to others lights up the same pleasure centres in the brain as indulging in your favourite foods or activities.

A young girl holds a donation box with the text 'Donation' written on it, symbolizing generosity and charitable actions.

Harvard studies confirm that we helping others can boost us so we feel happier when we give money away rather than spend it on ourselves. You might like to volunteer to work with a charity and there are hundreds to choose from or you could pay for the next person at a toll booth such as on the Sydney Harbour Bridge; or even pay for all the Christmas laybys in Target as someone has just done in Australia. Whatever you do, know that it is touching your subconscious desire to be of use, to give back, to think of someone else and this in turn does wonders for yourself. And if you can’t think of something to give or do or you feel yourself hesitating use EFT or tapping to remove the block. First rate the resistance you feel out of 10. A rating of 10 means that you absolutely will not be giving to charity or helping out or donating money. There are lots of subconscious reasons for this so don’t judge yourself or give yourself a hard time over it. A rating of 0 means that you are willing to do it and are probably already volunteering or donating. If there is resistance do the following: tap the side of either hand while saying: “Even though I feel hesitant to give {or work for charity or fill in the blank with whatever is right for you} I deeply love and accept myself.” Repeat both the statement and tapping the side of your hand. Then while repeating the words:“ This reluctance to {give}” tap the following points on your body until you get a rating of 0 Above eyebrow Side of eyes Under eyes Under top lip Under bottom lip Under collarbone Under arms (about 4 inches down from armpit) Top of head. Take a deep breath.

Check your rating and if it is now a 1 or 0 notice you ar enow ready to find your charity or the action you want to take. See how it lights up your life and notice how much lighter and better your body feels.

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