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Subconscious mind dreams of bladder cancer

Last night I dreamt that I had bladder cancer. Funny thing was that I was very matter of fact about it. There was no fear or concern so I know it is either just an energy warning from the subconscious mind, or it has not grown physically as yet or if it has grown then I will be OK. Whatever it is I need to release it.

The subconscious mind and spiders

I had had breast cancer in 2003 and only found it because I had dreamt of a funnel web spider in my breast. So now I always take note of my dreams as my subconscious mind shows me cancer as spiders and spiders' eggs. Using visualisation I have removed hundreds of these subconscious mind spiders and all their babies and eggs over the years and continue to remain very well. I remember one was particularly big and crawled out of my mouth and into the chute that would take it to the sun to be destroyed. AGHHH that was not nice as I had to hold my mouth open physically as it slowly crawled out.

Step 1: getting to understand who in my subconscious mind wants or is creating cancer.

This is a simple technique of asking my mind if is there was anyone in my body that wants/needs /or is creating bladder cancer.

My inner child...

A little 3 year old girl (my inner child) said she was bored with living in a little town, "pissed off"(it is the bladder after all!)that her brothers had gone to boarding school and she had nothing exciting to do on her own.

In order to get her to let go of the need for cancer I had to get her excited by life - so I showed her all the things that I had done since I was 3, what I was doing as an adult now and what I had had booked in for the remainder of this year. She was particularly thrilled that I was going swimming more and more as the weather warmed up in Melbourne.

Finally, she agreed that life was definitely better than it was when she was on her own and the she did not need to have bladder cancer.

Step 2: Using the Sedona Method

Once I got her to agree we were having a great life I asked her three questions which is the Sedona method of release:

1) Could she let go the cancer?

2) Would she let it go?

3) When?

I got a 'yes' answer to all three questions which meant the she was willing to let the cancer go and was not continuing to 'feed' it.

Step 3: The image in the subconscious mind that needed healing

I then mentally 'looked' at the bladder and there on the outer edge is a crust that looks about a quarter of an inch thick, very hard and rough.

As the subconscious mind will believe anything you tell it to do, I set up a pretend vacuum cleaner and moved it back and forth over the crust. One bit broke away and was sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. I noticed that underneath that section it looked like raw fresh skin like it does when you pick off a scab so I was not worried there was cancer growing under that area. I continue to work on vacuuming out the crust.

Step 4. Emotions, thoughts and beliefs...

I notice that there is something like a root from the crust going into the bladder - so I am working on finding all the emotions, thoughts and beliefs associated with this so that it will release itself easily and comfortably.

The last thing I want to do is pull it out as that will mean there are still residual emotions that are holding on to the cancer and I want it all gone. This may take some hours ( or not) to do as it looks and feels tightly set into the cells.

Emotion 1: Rage

The first emotion that came up from my subconscious mind was 'Rage'- now I think I am a pretty calm person (in fact people used to call me 'no worries Margaret' as I always said when something went wrong: "No worries , let's see what we can do to fix it."

However, the emotion 'rage' is definitely there so I am working on that now to release it... and boy oh boy, is it stubborn!! I am vacuuming the crust whilevfloating the emotion out to the sun to be destroyed.and there is lots of it. It's like a streamer that just goes on and on.

However the image is changing and as the streamer leaves the bladder the crust is slowly coming away.

Emotion 2: Despair

The crust is now gone however there is a shadow to it and the streamer and the root are still there although they feel lighter. The emotion has now changed to "despair" so I am sending that out to the sun to be destroyed.

Emotion 3: Shame

The next emotion that i can feel is 'shame'. Where on earth did that come from? I can't consciously think of anything that I am ashamed of so I asked the little girl: what does shame mean to you? She said:" I can't pee standing up like my brothers do!

An image immediately comes to mind of being out at a waterhole swimming with my brothers and their mates and I wanted the toilet. I felt ashamed at having to squat behind a tree instead of standing up like the boys do.

With the shame recognised and understood (and therefore released) the root of the crust now slid easily out of the bladder and into the chute to go up to the sun to be destroyed.

Another subconscious mind visualisation

Then I put an imaginary hose into the spot where the root was and washed it all out making sure there was nothing left.I vacuumed the water out and I put a hair dryer on it to dry it out.

There is still the shadow of the crust there so back into the subconscious mind to find the thought, belief or emotion that is holding it there. It's 'despair over having created the cancer in the first place' so I forgave the little girl, I forgave me and I sent every thought, belief and emotion that might be associated with cancer out to the sun to be destroyed by imagining them all leaving the bladder.

20 minutes later: the bladder feels fresh and clean. For some strange reason I felt I had to hum OM - I have never had to do that before while working on any health issue but I always do what my subconscious mind asks me to do .So I hummed 'Om' and as I did so I 'saw' another crust as it emerged from the sides of the bladder and floated out to the sun to be destroyed.

Finally. the bladder looks perfectly Ok, I feel absolutely fine and know that I have completely cleared the energy of cancer.

The Sedona method in detail

Choosing to Let Go

Make yourself comfortable and focus inwardly. Your eyes may be open or closed.

Step 1: Focus on an issue that you would like to feel better about, and then allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling in this moment. This doesn’t have to be a strong feeling. In fact, you can even check on how you feel about this exercise and what you want to get from it. Just welcome the feeling.

This instruction may seem simplistic, but it needs to be. Most of us live in our thoughts, pictures, and stories about the past and the future, rather than being aware of how we actually feel in this moment.

The only time that we can actually do anything about the way we feel is NOW. You don’t need to wait for a feeling to be strong before you let it go. In fact, if you are feeling numb, flat, blank, cut off, or empty inside, those are feelings that can be let go of just as easily as the more recognizable ones.

Simply do the best you can. The more you work with this process, the easier it will be for you to identify what you are feeling.

Step 2: Ask yourself one of the following three questions:

  • Could I let this feeling go?

  • Could I allow this feeling to be here?

  • Could I welcome this feeling?

These questions are merely asking you if it is possible to take this action. “Yes” or “no” are both acceptable answers.

You will often let go even if you say “no.” As best you can, answer the question that you choose with a minimum of thought, staying away from second-guessing yourself or getting into an internal debate about the merits of that action or its consequences.

All the questions used in this process are deliberately simple. They are not important in and of themselves but are designed to point you to the experience of letting go, to the experience of stopping holding on. Go on to Step 3 no matter how you answered the first question.

Step 3: No matter which question you started with, ask yourself this simple question: Would I? In other words: Am I willing to let go?

Again, stay away from debate as best you can. Also remember that you are always doing this process for yourself for the purpose of gaining your own freedom and clarity. It doesn’t matter whether the feeling is justified, long-standing, or right.

If the answer is “no,” or if you are not sure, ask yourself: “Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free?”

Even if the answer is still “no,” go on to Step 4.

Step 4: Ask yourself this simpler question: When?

This is an invitation to just let it go NOW. You may find yourself easily letting go. Remember that letting go is a decision you can make any time you choose.

Step 5: Repeat the preceding four steps as often as needed until you feel free of that particular feeling.

You will probably find yourself letting go a little more on each step of the process. The results at first may be quite subtle. Very quickly, if you are persistent, the results will get more and more noticeable. You may find that you have layers of feelings about a particular topic. However, what you let go of is gone for good.

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