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The Subconscious Mind and Shingles

Everyone dreads shingles which is the reactivation of the chickenpox virus which unfortunately stays in our system from a bout of chickenpox when we were children.

I had been out to lunch with a 'friend' who told me as we were saying goodbye that she was thrilled to have been able to meet with me as she was looking after her grandchildren who all had chickenpox... so i am pretty sure that's where I came into contact with it!!

I woke up a few mornings later with red, really itchy, weeping lesions down the left side of my face, a drooping lip and dropped eyelid, funny breathing through the left nostril and an ache under my left eye and to top it all off, a massive headache.

Not a great start to the day and anyone who has had shingles will tell you that it can be incredibly painful and debilitating!

Rear view of a woman with a shingles rash.

The 7 steps I took to get rid of the shingles using the subconscious mind in one week!

1) Shingles and the Subconscious Mind

Given that I believe we create our illnesses by our hidden thoughts, beliefs and emotions, I immediately started looking into my subconscious mind to identify the emotions behind why I had created/caught shingles.

I don't believe we just catch something - I believe there has to be an underlying stress that makes us vulnerable to it, so it was important that the first thing i did was to find the subconscious need or thoughts that allowed me to 'catch' shingles.

Inner child - missing friends and needing time out

I found my little 8 year old self wanted shingles because it would give her lots of attention and she was missing her old friends who were living back in Sydney and I was now living in Melbourne.

This had not been a worry to her before as I always flew back to Sydney at least once or twice a year but we had been in lockdown from Covid 19 and I had not been able to travel to see family and friends.

My 8 year old also wanted some timeout as I had been working very hard and needed a break which I kept putting off!

Subconscious mind technique

The subconscious mind always gets what it wants and mine, as represented by my 8 year old, wanted attention and time out, so I used two techniques to help me to get rid of these emotions:

a) The first technique is a sweeping gesture where you run your hands over your face and body where there is an issue while mentally releasing the emotions that arise while you are doing this. You release the emotions by either seeing them or feeling them float out of your body and up to the sun to be destroyed. Just having the intention that they will float out and be destroyed will be obeyed by your subconscious mind - it always reacts to any direction it's given because it cannot judge.

b) The second technique is a stronger visualisation: I imagined each of the emotions as they arose as balloons and sent them out to the sun to be destroyed. I continued doing this until they had all gone.

The need for family and friends

I soon realised I had been so busy settling into a new home and because Melbourne had been in Covid lockdown for so long, that I had not been in touch as often as I normally would with my friends. I immediately rang them. We had long chats catching up as only friends can do, picking up exactly where we had last left off. I am so grateful for these friends and really miss them.

Now that I had released the subconscious mind's need for shingles I was ready to address the physical side of them.

2) Anti- viral

I immediately went to the doctor for an antiviral which I took religiously twice a day for a week.

3) Diet - foods you absolutely must avoid if you have shingles

Oats, chocolate, chicken and nuts feed the virus so I cut them out of my diet.

4) Vitamins to help heal the nerves affected by shingles

I wanted an injection of both Vitamin C and Vitamin B but my doctor was not happy to do that so I had to take tablets instead. So 3 x daily I took a combination of zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, milk thistle 2 x a day for the liver and Kidney Clear 2 x per day. I also took soluble aspirin for the headache.

5) The itch and Wound Gel

The chemist gave me a soothing product called Wound Gel which has honey in it. I applied it all day and often throughout the night to ease the itch. It was marvelous. Without it I would have scratched endlessly. Those who have had shingles or chickenpox will readily confirm that the itch is just awful and for me was probably the worst part of having shingles.

6) No makeup - needs no explanation!

7) Washing

Every morning I washed the pillow case, sheets and doona cover because the weeping lesions were full of the virus and highly contagious and I did not want to re-infect myself

1 week later...

My face has completely healed - there is only an occasional tingle in my upper lip, the lesions have completely healed and gone, no more headache, no drooping lip or eyelid.

There is a slight darkening of my skin where the lesions were but I can cover that easily with makeup so you would not know I have just had shingles.

The Subconscious Mind will always express what it needs

It is important if you want to be healthy that when you have an illness or ache or pain that you listen to what your subconscious mind tells you it wants or needs After all, it created the illness, ache or pain to bring your attention to something that you have been avoiding or hiding from.

I know I 'caught' the shingles from my friend but that is too simplistic. If you don't address the issues that are creating stress then your subconscious mind will create something to bring it to your attention and in my case it upped the ante and gave me shingles to make me listen!!

I couldn't get an image of face shingles but this picture will give you an idea of what the blisters are like. Imagine them weeping, really itchy, bright red and painful and you will see why I would have preferred to deal with the 8 year old missing of her friends and her need for time out instead.

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