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Unlocking Success: Overcoming Homeschooling Challenges in Teaching Writing/Essays

Are you struggling to teach your child how to write compositions and essays? What about reports and summaries for senior school, university or PHd students or even speeches?

Here is a very simple step by step method to help you not only to teach your child of any age to write but if you apply this technique to anything you write you will be brilliant at conveying the information in a logical manner so that everyone understands you – and you might even get top marks for your homeschooling writing challenges and brownie points for being so clever in teaching your child.

father teaching son with his homework

Let’s use the example of the beach because everyone knows what a beach is (at least here in Australia)

1) Divide the beach into its components: sand, sea and headlands

2) Now put up to 3 subheadings under each heading e.g. sand has wet sand and dry sand

3) Write one paragraph about each of the sub headings saying how you would use them, what you would do there

4) As a conclusion - list the components from point 1 along with the main usage you have identified.

That’s it – very simple, very easy to follow!

Senior analytical essays

To make your essay a more senior, analytical essay answer the following questions under each of your subheadings:








Now you will see that you have analysed each of the components and if you write a paragraph with each of these headings you will have a senior analytical essay.

Use this technique for all your writing from primary school to PHD and you can’t go wrong!

If you find these tips helpful, head on over to the shop and download my eBook 'How to Write Essays, Speeches, Reports & Summaries'. There you will find more specific detail to help you write the perfect essay, summary, speech and report - no matter how old you are and what you are writing – from primary school to PHD and business.


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