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Be careful what you wish for...your subconscious mind will deliver

A mate of mine came rround yesterday ( wahoo we are out of lockdown after 263 days!!) and as he was driving away he had been preoccupied with what we had been talking about (me writing a new book!) and not paying attention to the road.

He took too close a corner and shredded his tyre on the cement median strip .

I wish...

While we were waiting he said: " You know ir funny but only last week I was saying that I wish I knew how to change a tyre"

And now his wish had come true!

The road assist guy took about two minutes to change the tyre, my friend now knows how to do it and he recognised that his subconscious mind had ben telling him to find out how to change the tyre for just such a situation as this.

Your subconscious mind is either predicting what will happen or will draw it to you - either way it wins!

When you get a thought like this one my friend had make sure you act on it because it is either your subconscious mind telling you that you will need to know how to do it soon ( it is warning you of what will occur) OR you subconscious mind has heard you loud and clear and has brought that very thing to you so that like my friend Mark, you can learn!


Either way, you will get a flat tyre or something that will make you learn how to change the tyre!

side view car

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