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Learning Difficulties Consultation

for under 25 years old

  • 1 hour
  • 187 Australian dollars
  • Free to be Healthy Consultation

Service Description

*Do you find you read one word at a time and by the end of the sentence you don't know what you have read? *Do you read in a singsong manner and can't remember what you have read *Do you read better backwards? *Is spelling a challenge to you? *Do you find writing difficult? *What about comprehension? Do you read something without having any idea of what it says? *Do you sound out the word before you pronounce It?( sub-vocalization ) Do you track the words and lines with your finger as you read? Any of the above indicate a problem or block. the block might be stopping information going into your mind or you might learn the work and then have a block stopping the information coming out from your mind. If you have taken in the information then when we move the block you are perfectly able to read, write and spell If the block is stopping you learning then once that block is removed you can learn easily and well. Whatever the circumstance you are capable of learning now that the block has been removed. Without the block getting in your way, learning is so much easier. I help you to remove the block simply and easily in a friendly skype session which lasts an hour (and which may take a little longer for the first session). some people only need one session, others may need more depending on the problem. Please note that I normally do not work with children under the age of 8 as they often grow out of the learning difficulty by that age. So if your child is younger read to them every day, have them read to you if they can and you will be surprised how much they can do by about 8 where before it was a challenge. If however they are still struggling at about 8 years of age it is time to help them release any blocks to learning that they might have.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please provide no less than 24 hours notice in advance, otherwise the full fee will be charged.

Contact Details

  • Melbourne VIC, Australia

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