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The Secret to Landing your Dream Job

The Secret to Landing your Dream Job

"The unconscious will allow us to have only what we believe we deserve." Sir David Hawkins, M.D., PhD 


In The Secret to Landing your dream job: Using the Awesome Power of your subconscious mindMargaret Cutler, an expert on the subconscious mind, brings an innovative new approach that will give any job seeker their best opportunity to overcome self-doubt and prior rejection letters and land that awesome dream job!  


You will learn a series of invaluable self-discovery exercises that will teach you how to meld your subconscious mind with your true self – your most important personal values and beliefs, so that you can develop powerful law of attraction and positivity mindsets that will give you the self-confidence to land any job that you are qualified for.


In this empowering job search and subconscious mind book, you will learn:


  • The truth about how your subconscious mind works and how it can prevent you from finding a great, satisfying job
  • By answering important questions affecting your subconscious mind - and why you have failed to get the job you want
  • Invaluable exercises to help you unlock your subconscious mind; release what has been preventing you from 'knowing what you want to do when you don’t know what you want to do'
  • How to identify and land the perfect job for you


If you’re tired of going from job interview to job interview and failing, now is the perfect time to allow Margaret Cutler to help you align your subconscious mind with everything that you need to allow yourself to land that dream job and start working towards financial freedom and living your best life!


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