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Mastering Reports:  Your Step-by-Step Guide to Take You from  Novice to Expert

Mastering Reports: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Take You from Novice to Expert

If report writing and preparing white papers gives you anxiety and stress, why not let a professional report writer make your life easier?


Whether you are writing reports for high school, college, or professional research white papers, the process of writing reports is the same.


Along with an entire professionally written sample research  report,  you will be provided easy, step-by-step instructions for writing and formatting your report project, so that you can impress your supervisor at work, or ace that dreaded book report assignment in the classroom.


In "Mastering Reports: Your Step-by-Step Guide to Take You from Novice to Expert in No Time " author and writing teacher Margaret Cutler draws on her extensive experience writing reports to provide students and professionals clear direction on how to write and format your document, so you can approach your assignment with confidence and complete your task more efficiently.


In this easy-to-understand report writing book, you will learn:

How to write reports clearly and easily - ideas will be organized and formatted perfectly for the business world and students of all ages, including high school book reports and university research papers and reports.


How to format your entire report, including the correct way to set up your report cover, title page, table of contents, all required sections and a bibliography page


How to overcome common mistakes that many students and professionals make when writing reports, including lack of structure in presenting the information, lacking clarity on the objective of the report, poor grammar and spelling, using overly complex language and failing to provide evidence to support statements


How to correctly structure your writing, including punctuation, grammar, spelling and paragraph formatting.


How to add college level structure to your reports, including the correct way to add footnotes, background research documentation, and a proper bibliography. 


Whether you are writing your first high school book report, or you need to write a professional report for law enforcement, military, or for the business world, 'Report Writing for Students and Professionals' will help you quickly, easily and effectively write a top-of-the-line report that you can be proud of!




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