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Essay Excellence:  Master the Art of Essay Writing

Essay Excellence: Master the Art of Essay Writing

One of the most feared aspects of college entry exams, college Creative Writing courses, and high school ELA classes is the dreaded essay requirement… but you don’t have to stress out about writing essays any longer.


In "Essay Excellence: Master the Art of Essay Writing" author and writing teacher Margaret Cutler draws on her extensive experience writing and teaching essays, thesis papers and precis to provide students and professionals clear direction on how to write essays and format documents.


Using Margaret's simple to follow plan you can ace creative writing assignments for high school or college language arts classes, prepare for college entry exams, or write non-fiction essays for publication.


In this comprehensive, but practical essay writing book, you will learn:

  • How to write an essay from concept to completion. 
  • How to  brainstorm themes and writing topics, note taking and background research.
  • How to format essays so they look professional.
  • How to create a bibliography  for your top-notch college or high school essay project.
  • The major categories of essay writing, including narrative essays, descriptive essays, and comparative or argumentative essays.
  • When to use each type of essay for top grades in creative writing classes or to improve writing skills.
  • How to add college level structure to your essays, including the correct way to add footnotes, background research documentation and proper bibliography formatting.
  • How to use the Top 5 Qualities of Good Writing to craft the best essays in your class or place of employment: Purpose, unity, coherence and sequence, variety and relevance.
  • How to write college precis, thesis papers, and summaries for any class or professional assignment.


Whether you are writing your first high school essay, or you need to complete that all-important college thesis, "Essay Excellence: Master the Art of Essay Writing" will improve your writing skills and help you to quickly and confidently write essays that exceed expectations and earn top academic grades and employer confidence!



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