Our subconscious mind protects us by making us sick!!

Although your conscious mind has the power of reason and can therefore decide the best action to take, it is the subconscious mind that determines the state of our health.

Our subconscious mind determines whether we are going to be well, be sick, break an arm or leg, have a stroke, have cancer, have eczema or any other health problem we may be facing. All these are a direct result of the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that are held within the subconscious mind.

It is called the subconscious mind for one very good reason—its thoughts, beliefs, and emotions remain hidden from us until they manifest in some unexpected way—and this is, more often than not, through an illness.

I don’t want you to think our subconscious mind is our enemy. Far from it, our subconscious mind is always protecting us—even when we are sick, it is there looking after us.

Behind every illness or health problem there is a positive thought or emotion or belief. But while we are trying to overcome our health problem, it’s not always easy to see a positive.

Let me explain a little further.

The subconscious mind cannot judge, nor can it tell time, it can only say ‘yes’. Whatever we take into our subconscious mind at any stage of our life will influence us until such time as we recognize the thought, belief, or emotion and set it free. Once we let go of these negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions, our mind returns to a core of well being, and we begin to get well again.

The mind always tries to protect us.

For instance:

Marika Mulqueen is only the second woman in the world to ride the Tour de France stage for stage in the race times of the professional schedule. (The last one was in 1910, on a heavy bike with no gears.) She rang me to help her get rid of a bad cold the week before she was to ride the Tour de France route. She was extremely worried. Not only did she have to fly to France, she also had to ride 3,500 kilometers in three weeks! She could not afford to be ill.

We worked on all her fears of not being able to complete the Tour, her fears of holding the men up, and her fears of not being fit enough. (She had not put in any really serious training for this event, as it was a last-minute decision of hers to enter.)

Marika was dealing with many issues, including not being able to speak the language in each country she would pass through on the Tour. So her subconscious mind gave her an ‘out.’ It gave her a cold. Now she had a good excuse if she didn’t ride well—she was sick.

Fortunately, once we recognized and released these thoughts and emotions, her mind was able to let go of the fears and consequently the need for the cold while we talked on the phone She found she was improving dramatically and by the next day, she was well. She was able to fly out to Europe and she completed the 3,500-km ride in three weeks and made history.

Marika’s cold is a classic example of what the mind can do: it will give you a way to avoid something if you need it.

So the saying that things happen for a reason is true. Once you know the reason behind your problem, your mind will let it go, and you will recover.