Stop hustling - focus! practical intuitive healing

Updated: Aug 25

Are you working very hard and finding you are getting nowhere? Sort of one step forward and one step back?

That’s because your conscious mind wants something but your subconscious mind does not and therefore is blocking you. Unfortunately, your subconscious mind always wins.

However, all is not lost.

There are several very simple steps for you to take to ensure your success.

1) The first thing is to focus on what you want to achieve.

I first learnt about the important of focus and not concentration when I was firewalking – you build up a fire, let it burn down until there are little flames or just VERY hot coals; then you focus on something past the end of the fire, take off your shoes and walk through the coals stepping out of the fire pit without a single burn to your feet.

If you walked through the fire without first focussing on the point past the fire then you would get burnt.

If you concentrate on your steps trying to avoid hot coals or trying to tread lightly you will burn. You just need to focus on something past the end of the fire and you will be safe.

2) Have a look/feel around that thing you want – Are there any worries or concerns that are around it? Let’s say for instance that you want to write a book but as you focus on writing niggly feelings of “what if it doesn’t sell” come up. These are from your subconscious mind and they are exactly what you will achieve because your subconscious mind always wins.

3) Think back to the first time and any other times that you were told or experienced the fact that no one bought what you wanted to sell. Once you have found it, and it will generally be from when you were a little child, you need to release it by sending that thought or emotion out to the sun to be destroyed.

4) Check back into to the thing you want – is it now clear or is there another thought or emotion that is near it. If there is another feeling or thought then let that one go too.

5) Keep checking in and clearing out these thoughts and emotions that are negatively impacting what you want to achieve until it is a clear focus on what you want.

6) Now take action without stress. If your mind is focussed on what you want to achieve and there are no negative thoughts, feelings or emotions around it then you will achieve it.

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